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Fraternity and Sorority Life

Frequently Asked Questions

Fraternity & Sorority Life

  • What and when is Intake?

    Intake is the process of membership selection used by fraternities and sororities belonging to the National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) and some of our Multicultural Greek Council (MGC) organizations.

    The process is similar for each organization. All groups require that selected members have a certain number of academic and community service hours as well as certain grade point averages. However, the length of the process is different, and range from three days to four weeks. For more information, please check the individual organizations’ website's.

  • Recruitment

    Recruitment is the official process to join a fraternity or sorority affiliated with the Interfraternity Council (IFC) or the Clemson Panhellenic Association (CPA). To participate in the recruitment process, you must register by visiting the council website. CPA has one formalized primary recruitment process in the fall, and IFC has both a fall and spring recruitment. Continuing Clemson students must have a minimum 2.7 cumulative GPA for IFC Recruitment.

  • How long is the New Member process, and what are the requirements?

    While each new member process varies among each chapter, no new member period should last longer than eight weeks. Typically, the NPHC groups initiate after a shorter new member period. Most groups will require some mandatory study halls and new member meetings. All groups also have a one-time new member fee. For more information, ask one of the members while visiting during the Recruitment or Intake processes.

  • What is an Interest Meeting?

    NPHC groups hold Interest Meetings in which they discuss their national and chapter’s history, service initiatives, and requirements to become a member. For more information on when each group will be holding Interest meetings, contact the Fraternity and Sorority Life Office at 864-656-7578.

  • Is there a minimum GPA for the different organizations?

    There is a minimum GPA to go through the recruitment process/join an organization affiliated with the Interfraternity Council (IFC), National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC), and Multicultural Greek Council (MGC). A student must have a cumulative 2.7 GPA to register for IFC rush or apply for NPHC or MGC membership intake. Grades will be verified by Clemson University staff. There will be no exceptions to this policy. For the Clemson Panhellenic Association (CPA), there is no GPA requirement to participate in recruitment. However, each CPA sorority has their own GPA requirements to join their organizations.

  • How should I act and what should I know before I join? How can I increase my chances of joining a Fraternity or Sorority?

    Act like yourself! You want to know what the fraternity or sorority is like as much as they want to know the real you. Look at all the chapters with an open mind. The number one reason people choose not to join a fraternity or sorority is because they did not get invited back to their first or only choice. Remember, the group you decide to join is going to be the best on campus. Stay positive and don’t criticize other potential new members.

  • What are the financial obligations of joining a Sorority or Fraternity?

    If you are serious about joining a fraternity or sorority, you must be serious about your financial obligations to that organization. The cost varies with each organization. However, you should ask about these costs during the recruitment times. The first semester of joining a fraternity or sorority will be the most expensive due to new member fees.

  • How can I stay in the loop with what's going on in Fraternity and Sorority Life?

On-campus Chapter Housing

  • Are there Fraternity or Sorority Houses on campus?

    University Housing & Dining provides dedicated chapter living space in on-campus housing to enhance the fraternity and sorority experience.

    Panhellenic (CPA) organizations occupy spaces in Smith, Barnett, or the Fraternity and Sorority Quad.

    Interfraternity (IFC) organizations occupy spaces either on-campus in the Fraternity and Sorority Quad or off-campus which are independent of Clemson University and managed by the chapter.

    National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) and Multicultural Greek Council (MGC) organizations do not currently occupy any spaces on-campus. Any “chapter” housing for these organizations is independent of Clemson University and managed by the chapter.

  • Who normally lives in the Chapter Hall/House, and when?
    • Chapters with on-campus Chapter Halls likely require their newest members to live on the chapter hall their sophomore and/or junior year, as each organization is financially responsible for maintaining the occupancy of their chapter hall. Sign-up processes for on-campus chapter housing for the following year starts at the beginning of October and is facilitated by University Housing & Dining. We encourage you to start talking about where you are living the following year soon after recruitment has ended.

    • Chapters with off-campus chapter houses likely require their older members to live in the chapter house their junior and/or senior year, as each chapter is responsible for the management of this property, and cannot bill through the University Billing system.

  • Where can I learn more about the Chapter Halls?
    To learn more about the Fraternity Sorority Housing community, please visit University Housing & Dining’s Residential Communities pages:
    • Learn more about Barnett Hall
    • Learn more about Smith Hall
    • Learn more about The Quad
      • Bowen Hall
      • Bradley Hall
      • Donaldson Hall
      • Norris Hall
      • Simpson North Hall
      • Simpson South Hall
      • Wannamaker Hall
  • How much does living on the Chapter Hall cost?
    • For current room rates please visit University Housing & Dining’s Contracts, Rates, & Policies webpage.

    • Fraternity Sorority Housing features three different room occupancy types:

      • double occupancy (2 residents in a room)

      • single occupancy (1 resident in a room)

      • designated single occupancy (1 resident in a larger room)

    • Fraternity Sorority Housing offers chapters and individual residents living on the chapter hall the opportunity to contract out a double occupancy room for a single resident. The chapter or the individual resident will pay for each of the two bed spaces in the room. The buyout charge will be applied to the resident’s student account for the Academic Year, and will be billed per semester. The total bill will be charged at a rate of two times the double occupancy room rate each semester, and applied through the University Billing system.

  • When can I move onto my organization’s Chapter Hall?

    Chapter members must have completed one semester at a college or university before they are eligible to live on the Chapter Hall. New freshmen may not reside in Fraternity Sorority Housing their first semester. However, new freshmen who become chapter members during their first semester may move onto the chapter hall for their second semester per the Chapter’s Hall Assignments Roster for Mid Year Room Changes, no earlier than January during the prescribed room change period. At any point in the semester, within the Room Change dates, if a current chapter member would like to move on the Chapter Hall, they would need to speak to the House Manager to be approved and added to the Chapter’s Hall Assignment Roster.

  • How can I move off the Chapter Hall?

    Wanting to leave your chapter hall looks different for everyone, and the Fraternity Sorority Housing Leadership Team are here to support you. Below are some common reasons we see, but we are also here to discuss in person if you have any questions or need any support, just stop by the Fraternity Sorority Housing Office in Norris Hall.

    • To far to commute for Co-Ops, Internships, or even further... Studying Abroad!
      Housing contracts may be cancelled due to school-related events that prevent
      you from living on campus such as academic probation, co-op, graduation,
      internship, military, student teaching, study abroad, transferring, or non-
      enrollment/withdrawal prior to the semester.

      Go to the
      Housing & Dining Cancellations webpage to learn more.
    • I am dropping the chapter/ I am not a member in good standing / My chapter
      membership has been terminated:
      Contact your Chapter President and indicate your intent/requirement to leave
      the chapter. Fraternity Sorority Housing Staff will not move a resident out of
      Fraternity Sorority Housing as long as the member is still affiliated with the
      The Chapter President will first need to remove you from the University’s Greek
      Roster system. Once this removal is complete, please contact Fraternity Sorority
      Housing staff at to request a room change from the
      chapter hall.

      *Change in membership status does not cancel your housing contract, your
      contract would be reassigned to another available space on-campus.
Fraternity and Sorority Life
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