Personal Success Plan

This Personal Success Plan worksheet is designed to help students develop a plan for returning to good academic standing. Students should be honest with themselves about the commitment and effort they are willing to invest so that they can develop a plan that is personally relevant.

CU 1010 | University Success Skills

CU 1010 is a two-credit hour course available to all students at Clemson that provides an introduction to a variety of topics critical to students’ success. Topics include time management, goal setting, test taking, campus resources and policies, critical thinking, and diversity. Students are given opportunities to discover and practice many procedures, techniques, and tips. This course is highly recommended to students with a cumulative GPA under 2.0.

Academic Success Center


The Academic Success Center (ASC) offers a variety of free services for all undergraduate students. Our services are designed to equip you with strategies and resources you can use to return to good academic standing.

Success Strategy Workshops


Success strategy workshops cover a variety of success strategies students can implement to enhance their personal and academic performance. Covered within the success strategies workshop program are workshops on college success skills, time management and organizational skills, test-taking strategies, study strategies, finals preparation, life skills, and academic resources.