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Student Financial Aid

South Carolina Scholarship Programs

All requirements for eligibility, renewal, scholarship funding and enhancement are under review by the South Carolina General Assembly and are subject to change. Students can qualify for only one of the state scholarships listed below.

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Palmetto Fellows 

The Palmetto Fellows Scholarship is the state’s premier scholarship, valued at $6,700 for the first year and $7,500 for subsequent years. To receive the Palmetto Fellows Scholarship, students must apply through their high school guidance counselor and meet specific academic requirements.  

See Palmetto Fellows Scholarship details 

LIFE Scholarship 

The LIFE Scholarship is valued at $5,000 per year. To receive the LIFE Scholarship, students must meet specific academic requirements. There is no application process for the LIFE Scholarship. Students will automatically be reviewed and awarded the scholarship by Clemson. 

 See LIFE Scholarship details 

HOPE Scholarship 

The HOPE Scholarship is valued at $2,800 and is nonrenewable. To receive the HOPE Scholarship, students must graduate with a minimum 3.0 GPA on the uniform grading scale. After the initial award year, eligibility may be established for the LIFE Scholarship.  

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South Carolina Program Considerations

Scholarship Enhancement Majors and Classes 

The South Carolina General Assembly has passed legislation that enhances the value of LIFE and Palmetto Fellows awards for students majoring in math and science disciplines.

See financial benefits and qualifying math and science majors.

Summer Disbursements of State Scholarships 

Students with the Palmetto Fellows or the LIFE Scholarship may request to receive a Summer disbursement of their scholarship if they meet the eligibility requirements.

Learn more about Summer Disbursement of State Scholarships.