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Student Financial Aid

Summer Disbursements of State Scholarships

A Summer Session scholarship disbursement yields a potential for those eligible students who demonstrate they are on an accelerated track to graduation to earn a degree at a faster pace than on a traditional academic calendar. The availability of Summer awards allows for a decreased time-to-degree alternative, which helps students meet their educational goals at lower costs.

More information on Summer course offerings can be found on the Summer Session page.


General Requirements for Determination of Summer Award Eligibility

  • The program for Summer awards applies to Palmetto Fellows and LIFE programs.
  • For purposes of Summer awards, Summer Session is defined as the period between the end of the Spring term and the beginning of the Fall term. 
  • A student who has been verified as meeting all general and continued eligibility requirements at the end of the Spring semester is eligible to participate in Summer scholarship disbursements.
  • A student can only receive a Summer scholarship disbursement at their home institution.

Palmetto Fellows and LIFE Scholarship Enhancements

A student who has been determined to have met continued eligibility for the Palmetto Fellows Scholarship or LIFE Scholarship and has met the scholarship enhancement eligibility requirement is eligible to receive the enhancement funds for the Summer Session.

Summer Enrollment Form

Prior to disbursement of Summer awards, students must complete the following: