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Assess Your Academic Situation

How can I assess my academic situation?

You can use your Grade Point Ratio (GPR) to assess your academic situation

To get your GPR:

  1. Access your Degree Progress Report (DPR) using the Student Information System (SIS — You will need your CU user id and password to access these documents).

  2. Identify the following items:
    • number of credit hours attempted
    • number of grade points
    • cumulative grade point ratio
    • semester grade point ratio
    • number of withdrawal hours available
    • number of academic redemption hours available

  3. Calculate your Grade Point Average (GPR):
    Use Manual GPR: to understand what factors go into calculating your GPR
    Use Electronic GPR: to calculate your GPR quickly and to help answer several grade-related questions:
    • Based upon the standing in my current courses, what will my semester GPR be?
    • How will my current course grades influence my cumulative GPR?
    • What grades do I need to earn in order to get off academic probation? To meet the minimum academic eligibility criteria? To maintain my merit- based scholarships?

  4. Answer the following questions based on your current cumulative and projected GPR scores:
    • How long will it take me to get off academic probation?
    • Could I get off academic probation this semester?
    • What grades do I need to earn this semester? Next semester?
    • Do I meet the academic eligibility criteria for my class status?
    • Would redeeming a class help mr to get off academic probation? To maintain/regain my scholarships?

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