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Applicant Information Tracking Sheet

Download the Applicant Information Tracking Sheet (XLS)

The Applicant Information Tracking Sheet is used to capture data required by federal and state agencies for reporting purposes regarding applicants for employment. One form must be completed for each unclassified position that is advertised. The hiring department should complete the form with the data it receives through applications. One entry is made for each applicant. Entries should include the name and full mailing address of each applicant. Departments must also indicate in column B which applicants meet the minimum training and experience (MTE) requirements as posted in the advertisement. Additional pages may be used as necessary. Departments are also required to complete the top portion of the form. To do this, departments should go to the view tab, click header and footer and then click custom header. They will then be able to fill in the position information at the top of the form. This information will help in tracking applicants for each position. The form may be downloaded in either Excel or PDF (Acrobat) format. In Excel, the form may be completed on computer and printed afterward for filing. In PDF, the blank form may be printed first and then completed by hand. Our preference would be for departments to use the Excel format because it has the capability of summarizing the applicant data. Also, we would prefer the form be submitted electronically (as opposed to mailing) at with a copy to Human Resources (HR) at to save approval time. Whichever method is chosen, departments must maintain the approved form with other departmental recruitment files. The tracking sheet should be submitted as soon as possible after the applicant pool has closed and before interviews are scheduled.

A summary compilation of racial and gender information of all applicants, both qualified and not qualified, will be collected by HR and forwarded to the Office of Access and Equity to be reviewed in regards to any previously identified underrepresentation for the position. When the search committee is ready to proceed to the interview phase of the search process, they must submit (via email) a list of candidates selected for interview. The Office of Access and Equity will use the applicant information to determine if applicants from the underrepresented group(s) should be included on the list of interviewees. In such cases where recommended applicants are not deemed appropriate for interview, the search committee must provide justification in writing to the Office of Access and Equity before the interview pool can be approved. Once approved, the department may then proceed with the interview process.