Officials with Authority

An Official with Authority is an employee specifically designated by the University to implement corrective measures in response to sexual harassment. The University is deemed to have actual knowledge when an Official with Authority has notice of the allegation of sexual harassment. If an Official with Authority observes, is informed of, or otherwise learns of an act of sexual violence or other sexual harassment, they must report it to the Title IX Coordinator. The report should include available information identifying the nature of the incident, the date, location, the victim, and the alleged perpetrator. Officials with Authority may not keep such information confidential.

Clemson University has designated the following employees as Officials with Authority:

  1. The Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students;
  2. The Director of Human Resources;
  3. Professional staff members in the Faculty and Staff Relations division of Human Resources;
  4. Professional staff members in the Office of Access and Equity;
  5. Professional staff members in the Office of Community and Ethical Standards (OCES); and
  6. The Support Service Bureau Commander and Victim Advocates within Clemson University’s Policy Department.