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Our Work

The Collaboratory has special interest and program development interest in the following core thematic areas, each of which focuses on the intersection of youth, social equity, race and ethnicity. 

The Collaboratory works in partnership with students, researchers, community organizations, and the public to identify needs, develop programming, and deploy collaborative initiatives. The College of Behavioral, Social and Health Sciences provides a rich framework for the REYSE Collaboratory to address some of society’s most pressing issues while simultaneously encouraging civic-minded discourse and the creation of wide-ranging policies and practices that can improve racial/ethnic youth’s lives.

We articulate our goals and highlight specific programs and projects using these icons:

Current Projects

The work of the Collaboratory will build upon several new and ongoing grant-funded projects underway at Clemson focused on improving the lives of youth of color. The projects include:

  • The I Am A Scientist project which is led by Drs. Harrison Pinckney and Barry Garst, Associate Professors of parks, recreation and toruism management at Clemson University, is exploring how community resources and role models can be positioned to help black youth see themselves as scientists. The study is funded by the National Science Foundation ($300,000).   
  • A study led by Dr. Ryan Gagnon, professor of parks, recreation and tourism management at Clemson University, examines the link between repeated camp participation and outcomes in Native youth
  • The Connector Project, a series of tools to help youth leaders learn how to organize supports, opportunities, programs and services so that young people are engaged in community change through social justice, developed by Collaboratory Founder and Director Dr. Corliss Outley and team. 
  • Playing While Black, led by Drs. Corliss Outley and Harrison Pinckney, uses multiple contemporary examples to demonstrate the impact of Race on the recreation of black youth. The article also presents three theoretical frameworks that may help advance the discussion on race, recreation, and youth development.   
  • Parent Power Project is an exploratory study conducted in partnership with Play Cousins Collective, a community based organization in Louisville, KY. This project seeks to explore the experiences Black parents have with social service providers, including pediatricians, teachers, social workers, and mental health professionals. Results from this study will be used to develop trainings for social service providers who work in the Louisville community and create a Parent Power Resources Guide for Black parents in Louisville.  Dr. Brown serves as the Primary Investigator for this project.   
  • REYSE researchers are working with Momentum Bike Club, a community organization in Clemson, to develop and implement a youth-based, social justice curriculum entitled, A.R.T. + Circles for the 2020/2021 school year.   
  • State of Racial and Ethnic Youth in America brief series - Details Coming Soon!