To help stimulate or complete research projects within the membership of the HF Institute and their graduate students.  Requests can be submitted for all funding requirements related to research, but justification must be provided regarding how the funding will further the mission of the Institute. 

Favor will be placed on requests that clearly support the mission of the Institute, have a likelihood of leading to future activity and lead to a clear milestone.  Cost-share where other funding sources are leveraged is desirable.  While salary support can be requested, its likelihood of funding is low, and it would require a clear product that directly supports the future success of the Institute. 

HFI Student Travel Awards

Awarded to a student who is the presenting author at a conference and mentored by a member of the Institute.  The amount of this award cannot exceed $500.  Limit 1 award per student/year.  Subject to fund availability.  To apply for funding, please fill out this form.

Director’s Awards

These are available on a rolling application basis and simply require a submission to the Director via e-mail.  It is recommended that the e-mail request follow application outline.  The amount of the request cannot exceed $1000.  Approval is at the discretion of the Director.  To apply for funding, please fill out this form.