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Planning your In-Person EUREKA! Experience

What You Need to Know

The 2022 in-person EUREKA! cohort posing together in front of Top Golf in Greenville.

Have a question that isn't covered here? 

We're happy to help! Email or ask a EUREKA! program counselor. 

Whether you're just starting to prepare to embark on your EUREKA! adventure with us this summer or have questions about some of the finer details associated with your time on campus, such as how to do your laundry while you're here, this page provides the answers you need.


Clemson University requires all forms to be received before you arrive on campus for EUREKA! 2023.  These forms must be completed, signed by participants, signed by guardians (if the participant is under 18), and uploaded into the admitted student portal.

Rachael Wallace, the EUREKA! Program Coordinator, will contact you if any of your submitted documentation is missing information or is unreadable. If Rachael notifies you that you need to submit an updated form, please respond to her request quickly. All forms must be up-to-date by no later than June 1 at 11:59 p.m. eastern time. If any forms are not updated at that time, your admission to the EUREKA! program will be rescinded.

Getting Here

EUREKA! Move-In Day is scheduled for Friday, June 28, 2024. We do not allow early arrivals. You should report to Mauldin Hall sometime from 1-3 p.m. to check-in and pick-up your assigned residence key. Mauldin Hall is located next to Barnett Hall on Bryan Circle. All students will be staying in Douthit Hills. You can find the location of both Mauldin Hall and Douthit Hills on our campus map. Students must arrive prepared with TigerOne Mobile ID access setup on their cell phones in order to access their apartment. We will also have EUREKA! alumni volunteers available to help you with the move-in process.

  • First-Year Student Orientation
    All EUREKA! participants must complete their required virtual Orientation before the beginning of the program. If you wish to participate in any optional in-person events, such as Ready, Set, Roar!, you must do so before the program begins as well. Orientation will provide you access to software and other university materials you may need to complete your EUREKA! research this summer. 
  • Airport and Shuttle Information
    Contact Parking and Transportation Services with questions about traveling to and from Clemson University over the summer.
  • Housing Information

    All EUREKA! students will be staying in Douthit Hills C part of Douthit Hills West, located on the north side of campus along Old Greenville Highway across from the President's Park. Room measurements, bed sizes, and more are available on the Douthit Hills West Floor Plan.

    Overnight guests are not permitted in the residence hall for the first week of the program (this includes family and friends attending the opening dinner).  Family and friends attending the opening dinner should plan to secure any needed overnight accommodations at one of the many Clemson area hotels.

  • Packing Lists

    Please be sure to have a laptop computer with you during EUREKA!  You will need it to conduct your research. You can feel free to contact your mentor directly to ask about any required lab attire (closed-toed shoes, long sleeves, etc.) or any other questions you might have concerning your research. Review the general EUREKA! packing list and Clemson Outdoor Recreation and Education (CORE) packing list to ensure you are prepared with all additional program necessities.

  • Receiving Mail on Campus

    If you would like to receive mail while on-campus during EUREKA!, you may register for a P.O. Box via the on-campus mail box rental page. Select "Transient Students - $20 for summer" for the Type and use your Clemson email address when prompted.

Life on Campus

EUREKA! Opening Dinner

The EUREKA! Opening Dinner is scheduled for Friday, June 28 at 5 p.m. in the Hendrix Center Ballrooms. Dinner dress is casual - feel free to wear shorts, t-shirts, etc. You will also be able to bring your family, though RSVPs are needed in advance via the Admitted Student Form. That RSVP information is required because all participants, family, friends, and research group representatives will have assigned seats at the Opening Dinner. Table numbers will be provided in the week leading up to the dinner.

We will dismiss students from the opening dinner at approximately 6:30 p.m.  Parents and guardians should plan to remain in the Hendrix Center Ballrooms for a question and answer session with the EUREKA! Director.  After the parent/guardian meeting, family members are welcome to go to Douthit Hills to say final goodbyes but should plan to depart campus by no later than 9 p.m.

  • Meals

    There are full-sized kitchen appliances in each apartment unit. You can feel free to buy groceries and prepare your own meals each day.

    $500 of the required fees will be placed onto students' TigerStripe accounts for use at dining locations on-campus and several restaurants off-campus.  Please check your TigerOne account to verify those funds have been deposited by June 22, 2023. If they have not, please contact Stephanie Phillips via email or call her at 864-656-4762.

    Many of the events, including all Faculty Friday luncheons, provide meals as well. If you want to add additional funds to your TigerStripe account, you may do so at any time.

  • Spending Money
    Students should bring spending money for any additional items they may need or want throughout the program, such as late night snacks, Clemson t-shirts, and souvenirs. They will also need money for meals during some of the trips away from campus as shown on the itinerary.
  • Summer Gym Membership

    EUREKA! students have the option of purchasing a summer II membership to the Fike Recreation Center on campus for $26, which lasts through to the start of the Fall semester. 

    Memberships can be purchased in person at Fike Recreation Center any time during normal hours of operation. They do not need to bring anything with them except a method of payment. The facility accepts all major cards and checks, but do not accept TigerStripe payments or cash. 

    Visit the Fike Recreation Center website for details. 

  • Laundry Facilities
    Douthit Hills apartments all have laundry facilities within the units so washing is clothes is a breeze! There is no charge to use the washers and dryers, but you will need to provide your own detergent, fabric softener, etc.
  • Transportation

    All required EUREKA! activities will either take place within walking distance or university-sponsored travel will be provided. Students must use transportation provided to all off-campus EUREKA! activities. EUREKA! counselors are forbidden to transport participants for any reason.

    Tiger Transit routes and CAT Bus routes are available to provide for most other necessary transportation such as off-campus research locations, grocery stores, or Walmart.

    Students that bring their own vehicles should not apply for a parking pass through Parking Services. We will provide those participants a perimeter parking pass for no additional fee, as long as they submit the Admitted Student Form and Vehicle Use Form, both found in their student portals. Those permits will allow students to park in the appropriate spaces detailed on the Summer Perimeter Parking map. Lots R-7, R-8, and R9 will be the most convenient to use. Any vehicle that does not have the appropriate permit may be towed at the owner's expense.

    Parking for drop-off and pick-up is located in R-9 or you may pay to park in a metered spot.  During the Opening and Closing Dinners, you will be able to park in lot C-1 or you may pay to park in a metered spot.  You do not need a pass if you park in those designated spots at those times.

    If you receive a ticket you will need to complete a Citation Appeal Form through Parking Services.

  • Last Minute Shopping

    Forget to pack something? Stop by the Walmart Supercenter in Central, SC to grab any last-minute necessities or extra snacks. You can also pick-up groceries Publix in Clemson, Walmart Neighborhood Market in Clemson, or the Food Lion in Seneca; that Food Lion store also takes TigerStripe.

  • Lost Housing Keys
    Lost housing keys and fobs incur a $100 fee for each because the University will need to rekey the entire lock.

Moving Out

Move-Out is scheduled for Saturday, August 3, 2024 from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m.

Students that don't vacate their room in Douthit Hills, including all belongings, and return their key and/or fob to Mauldin Hall by 1 p.m. that day will be changed a $50 late check-out fee, deducted from the EUREKA! refund.

  • Planning for Your Poster Forum

    All students will create a research abstract and poster of their projects by the end of the program. Students will complete online training and receive input from their faculty mentors and research teams to help them.

    Participants will practice presenting their posters and receive feedback from EUREKA! alumni during the Mock Poster Forum. Students must wear business casual attire to this event.

    Students will print their posters on-campus then take them downtown to Clemson Variety and Frame to have them mounted by Wednesday, July 26 at 4:30 p.m. Students will present their posters during the 2023 In-Person EUREKA! Poster Forum on Thursday, September 14, 2023 right before Family Weekend, where the entire community is invited to attend. Students should be in professional business attire for this event but attire for guests is casual.

  • Closing Dinner
    The Closing Dinner is scheduled for Friday, July 28 at 5 p.m. in the Hendrix Center Ballrooms, just like the Opening Dinner. This dinner is required for participants but entirely optional for families, though they are welcome to attend. Attire is casual for this dinner as well. We will ask participants for the number of attendees in their Admitted Student Forms but will confirm that number about two weeks before the actual dinner.
  • EUREKA! Program Fee Refunds

    Students who successfully complete the EUREKA! Program, including participating in all required events and in-person poster forum, will receive a $100 refund to their TigerStripe accounts.

    As stated in the various forms participants and their guardians sign, EUREKA! has a zero tolerance policy concerning alcohol and drug possession or use. Students found in violation any EUREKA! or Clemson University policy, including the use/possession of alcohol or drugs, will be dismissed from the program. Students must abide by all University policies and state laws as we take them very seriously.

    Any participant expelled from the program at any point will not receive a refund for program or meal plan fees.