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Livestock Marketing

Livestock Marketing Resources and Publications

Direct Marketing Beef, Pork, or Lamb:  Is This an Opportunity for You?
Direct marketing of livestock products is a venture that can provide additional income if you do it right. While considering this new marketing plan, there are four key steps needed for you to market your animals directly to consumers:  identify your market, find a processor,  brush up on your selling skills, and correctly communicate what you have to offer. Read More >>

A Guide to Buying Local Beef
Buying local beef can be challenging for local businesses and consumers. Because farmers are familiar with their product, they may not realize how much information new customers need to make a purchasing decision. This publication helps first-time buyers (and sellers) communicate better to increase local beef sales. Read More >>

Beef Cost Calculator
Use this beef cost calculator to compare the cost of purchasing fresh locally produced beef to the cost of a similar product in the retail market. In addition, the beef cost calculator helps to answer these questions: 1. How much does it cost to raise a beef animal for direct market sales? 2. How much should I charge for meat sold as whole animal or partial carcass? and 3. How much should I charge for retail cuts?
Download Beef Cost Calculator (.xlsx file) >>   About the Beef Cost Calculator >>

2020 Livestock Processing Capacity Survey Results
Aimed at identifying bottlenecks in South Carolina’s meat supply and finding solutions, Clemson Cooperative Extension conducted a comprehensive local meat processing capacity study in the state from August to December 2020. Learn More >>

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