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Senate Leadership

Senate Officers

Thompson Mefford
Kristine Vernon
Vice President/President Elect 
Krista Oldham

Committee Chairs

Andrew Brown
Finance Committee Chair
Lauren Duffy
Policy Committee Chair
Brian Powell 
Research Committee Chair
Lindsay Shuller-Nickles
Scholastic Policies Committee Chair
Andrew Pyle
Welfare Committee Chair 

Senate Staff

The Faculty Senate Office personnel directs and supports four interwoven, mission-critical faculty governance units of the University: Faculty Senate, Grievance Board, Faculty Manual, and Faculty Representative to the Board of Trustees; and, three faculty awards and related events.

You can reach any/all staff personnel at

  • Office Address:
    171 Sirrine (office location)
    116 Sigma Drive (mailing address)
    Clemson, SC 29634

  • William Everroad, University Faculty Governance Director and Faculty Senate Parliamentarian

    Kelsey Wylie, University Faculty Governance Coordinator