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Faculty Senate

Center for Career & Professional Development Curriculum Committee

Last Updated:   9/7/2021

Established by the Committee on Committees, September 2019

For membership lists and updates, please contact Matt Fields


This committee coordinates the courses for the Center for Career & Professional Development, which includes COOP, INT and CCPD coursework.

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Michelin Career Center, Cooperative Education, University Professional Internship & Co-op (UPIC) program

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Membership Composition

Chair is elected from and by the regular faculty members.

Seat Type Quantity Term Length Date of Term Initiation Seat Filling Mechanism Voting or Non-Voting
Regular faculty from the academic colleges and libraries 3; at most one per college 3 years Aug 15 Nominated by Current members, appointed by Dean of appropriate College Voting
Director of Cooperative Education 1 NA NA By position Non-Voting
Director of Internship programs 1 NA NA By position Non-Voting
Executive Director of CCPD 1 NA NA By position Non-Voting

Please contact Curriculog administration, Matt Fields,, for membership information and updates.

Please contact the Faculty Senate Office with any questions about updating this page.