Non-Enrolled Collections

Student Financial Services is responsible for the recovery of monies owed to the University by students who are no longer enrolled. This includes:

  • Federal Perkins Loans

    Student Financial Services is responsible for the collection of Federal Perkins Loans. We contract with a third party billing company, Heartland ECSI, Inc, for the billing and collection of our Federal Perkins Student Loans. Their website address is You may access this site to obtain a wide variety of information regarding your Federal Perkins loan accounts, such as:
    1. 1098-E Tax Information
    2. Online bill payments
    3. Information and setup procedures for Automatic Monthly Payments
    4. Deferment, Forbearance and Cancellation Forms

  • Perkins Loan Exit Interview

    The purpose of the Perkins Loan Exit Interview is to inform you of your rights and responsibilities regarding repayment of any loan(s) you have received while attending Clemson University. This conference also allows you the opportunity to complete the exit interview forms as required by federal regulations.

    Please make a special note of the following:
    1. Federal regulations require that students complete an exit interview when:

        a) The student drops below six credit hours of study

        b) The student graduates

        c) The student withdraws from Clemson University

        d) The student transfers from to another University

    2. If you are unable to make a scheduled payment for any reason, have changed your name, or need to update billing address notify Heartland ECSI, Inc.

    3. The billing agent for Clemson University is:

    Heartland ECSI, Inc.
    181 Montour Run Road
    Coraopolis, PA 15108

    4. It is your responsibility to notify Heartland ECSI at 181 Montour Run Road, Coraopolis, PA 15108 or call 1-888-549-ECSI if you have changed your name or billing address.

    5. If you are eligible for deferment, postponement or partial cancellation benefits, you must file the appropriate form and be properly certified in a timely manner. Forms are available from our billing agent and can be accessed here.

  • New Identity Validation Process

    Due to recent changes announced last Fall from the Department of Education Federal Student Aid (Department), the login process for various Department of Education websites will be changing. These changes include the elimination of the FAFSA PIN. Due to this change, we will no longer be able to access the Student Authentication Network (STAN) to authenticate students that are electronically signing their Promissory Notes.

    Because we are required to validate the student’s identity, this means that we must use a third-party service provider to complete the validation process. If the third-party service cannot validate the student’s identity, the student will need to print, complete, and sign the Promissory Note package and return the original Promissory Note to Clemson. We cannot accept a faxed, scanned, or emailed copy of the Promissory Note. Students will be given three attempts to submit their information for authentication. After the third failed attempt, the student will be directed to the failed authentication process which includes completion of the entrance counseling online and printing the promissory note for signature.

Outstanding Student Account Balance

Any student with a balance will be unable to request a transcript from Clemson University. Please contact Student Financial Services at 864-656-9073 to discuss your balance and determine payment options.

Departments within the University have the option to transfer delinquent, uncollectible accounts to Student Financial Services to be placed on your iRoar account. Once University accounts are transferred to the Student Financial Services, payments must be made to our department.

  • Non-Payment Actions
    Non-payment will result in the following University actions:
    • Assessment of billing and collection charges
    • Placement of hold on all University services including transcripts, diplomas, and access to register for subsequent semesters
    • Placement of the account with a collection agency

    For more information, see the Student Handbook, Policies, Student Financial Responsibilities.

    If you are unable to pay your debt in full, our department can work out payment arrangements to avoid placement of the debt with a collection agency. However, accounts with Student Financial Services must be paid in full for registration, transcript, or diploma hold release. Contact us at 864-656-9073 or
  • Payments

    If you have a hold from Student Financial Services, payment may be made by debit/credit card, check, cashier's check or money order. Please include the name and CUID#. Mail payment to Student Financial Services, G-08 Sikes Hall, Box 345307, Clemson, SC 29634

  • Placement with a Third-Party Collection Agency

    Delinquent accounts may be placed with one of our third-party collection agencies listed below. If your account has been placed with a collection agency, you will receive notification from the collection agency. All future contact regarding your account should be made directly to that collection agency.

    Williams & Fudge
    300 Chatham Avenue
    Rock Hill, South Carolina 29731
    Phone: 800-849-9791
    Fax: 803-329-0797

    Reliant Capital Solutions
    750 Cross Pointe Rd., Suite G
    Gahanna, OH 43230
    Toll-Free: 866-837-5096
    Fax: 614-452-6039

  • Set Off Debt Collection Act

    The Setoff Debt Collection Act is designed to facilitate the collection of debts owed by an individual to an agency of the State. Debtors to the University, which is a State Agency, with debts of $50.00 or greater and in arrears of ninety days or more will be reported to the SC Department of Revenue for potential set off against their SC individual in-come tax refunds. The Department of Revenue will place a hold on State income tax returns due to debtors whose names have been submitted. The Department of Revenue will notify the taxpayer that the University has a claim against the income tax refund. The Department of Revenue will forward to the University the amount of the refund claimed less a $25 collection fee. The debtor must contact the University's Student Loan Collections for additional information regarding his/her account. Student records will remain tagged until the financial obligation is satisfied.
    The act gives the alleged debtor the right to file a written protest for the validity of the debt. The written protest must be submitted within 30 days from the date of notification of the University's claim and contain the information below:

    • Your name
    • Your address
    • Your Social Security number
    • Type of debt in dispute
    • A detailed statement of all reasons you disagree with the debt amount or dispute that you owe the debt

    The originally written protest must be mailed to Clemson University. For complete information, please contact Student Financial Services 864-656-9073 or

    The debtor waives their right to protest if he/she fails to file a written request within 30 days.