Student engagement was a cornerstone of Clemson’s previous strategic plan and is also at the heart of the land-grant mission. ClemsonForward will capitalize on existing strengths in student and community engagement, emphasizing high-impact, evidence-based academic and global engagement. The plan also will fully leverage economic development efforts and innovation campuses.

Core Strategies for Success

  1. Build a campus-wide global engagement infrastructure. ClemsonForward aims to expand the University’s study abroad infrastructure and increase opportunities for students to interact across cultures and national boundaries.
  2. Foster evidence-based academic engagement. Student engagement is one of Clemson’s core strengths, and ClemsonForward will expand the engagement mission by folding it more deeply into the undergraduate curriculum and exploring the impact of engagement on student learning, achievement and outcomes.
  3. Enhance engagement opportunities across Academic Affairs and Student Affairs. Some of the most profound learning happens outside the classroom as students work and socialize together.
  4. Leverage innovation campuses and research centers to support community engagement and economic development in South Carolina.