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Clemson Elevate

Institutional Alignment

'True North' Alignment and an Easier Way to Work

Clemson’s colleges and divisions will align their goals and prioritize their work to advance the three pillars of Clemson Elevate. The Office of Institutional Excellence is instrumental in facilitating this alignment and can assist in developing plans that integrate strategic planning and risk awareness, as well as providing continuous improvement and project management support, consulting, templates and other tools.

Once you know where you are going, it’s important to have cutting-edge tools, metrics and data at your fingertips to help you make great decisions. Clemson Works supports the University’s people and processes by creating easier, faster workflows for many HR or Finance tasks, such as submitting leave requests, approving new hires, etc.

Pendulum in the Kinard Hall

Institutional Excellence

Clemson’s Office of Institutional Excellence partners with colleges and divisions to align and prioritize their activities and resources toward Clemson Elevate goals through facilitation, consultation and tools and templates. Institutional Excellence’s expertise in three key foundational service areas is available to help colleges and divisions identify priorities aligned to Clemson Elevate, enabling them to focus their efforts and resources to deliver maximum impact:

  • A Strategic Planning and Execution framework to ensure alignment to Clemson Elevate.
  • An Enterprise Risk Management framework to ensure risks that could prevent the University from achieving Clemson Elevate objectives are identified, assessed and managed.
  • An Operational Excellence framework to ensure success of strategic and key operational initiatives of Clemson Elevate.

Clemson Works

Clemson Works is the portal to modernized, transformed human resources, business, and financial information technologies and processes that support Clemson Elevate.

Clemson Works delivers the systems, support and insights that make it possible for hardworking faculty, staff and student workers to spend more time supporting the strategic pillars of Clemson Elevate – and less time on daily recurring tasks.