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Clemson Elevate

Defining Our Pillars

Clemson Elevate is a strategic plan to propel Clemson’s success and further strengthen its reputation over a 12-year implementation period. Applying our guiding principles, criteria and analysis, Clemson will focus upon three core strategic pillars, each backed by a series of initiatives and related metrics.

Priorities by Pillar

Deliver the No. 1 Student Experience in the Nation

Every Student Thrives


  1. Excel in experiential learning.
  2. Amplify academic success.
  3. Promote the Clemson Experience.
Three students laugh with eachother while walking on campus

Double Research Expenditures by 2035, Position for AAU Membership

Discovery Drives Success


  • Build an AAU-aligned faculty that leverages existing and emerging research strengths and addresses societal needs.
  • Create world-class research infrastructure.
  • Leverage the Innovation Campuses and partnerships.
Woman in a white lab coat and latex gloves is holing a dropper in a tube.

Transform Lives Statewide and Beyond Through Educational, Economic, Agricultural and Health Outreach

Service Builds Community


  • Enhance educational and economic opportunities for South Carolinians.
  • Promote agricultural and natural resources excellence and lead animal health issues for the state.
  • Improve the health outcomes of South Carolinians.
Key Actions for Transforming Lives
Lush green trees surrounding a large pond. The Blue Ridge mountains can be seen in the distance.