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Clemson Elevate

Discovery Drives Success

Double Research Expenditures by 2035, Position for AAU Membership

Initiative 1: Build an AAU-aligned faculty that leverages existing and emerging research strengths and addresses societal needs

Key actions:

  • Implement cluster hiring in targeted research areas starting with AI/data science, future advanced materials, human genetics/personalized medicine and human performance.
  • Continue to refine other cluster plans, including climate resilience, infrastructure and sustainable environments, future of learning and work, neuroscience, emerging infectious diseases and others.
  • Increase instructional tenure/track faculty by 20 percent in the next five years in areas of strategic importance and increase number of National Academy or similarly credentialed/recognized faculty.
  • Align all hires with the six broad University thrusts: AI/data science/cybersecurity; human resilience, community advancement and education; energy, transportation and advanced manufacturing; sustainability and biodiversity; biomedical science and health innovation; and future advanced materials.
  • Expand Ph.D. production by increasing the Ph.D./faculty ratio.

Initiative 2: Create world-class research infrastructure

Key actions:

  • Increase total research space from 995,500 to 1,400,000 square feet by 2028 and 1,700,000 square feet by 2035.
  • Align new space additions plus renovations with the cluster hiring strategy.
  • Add research administrative staff to provide the foundation and management of the growth.
  • Upgrade high-performance computing (HPC) systems and add specialized HPC research faculty.
  • Add additional centrally operated research cores.

Initiative 3: Leverage Innovation Campuses and partnerships

Key actions:

  • Continue to invest in Innovation Campuses, Research and Education Centers (RECs) and the Clemson Experimental Forest.
  • Triple industry research.
  • Invest in strategic partnerships (key health partners and new ones) to grow our impact and preeminence.