ClemsonForward will strengthen the cherished sense of community and connectedness that defines the Clemson Family by enhancing diversity, improving workplace quality of life and creating an environment of inclusive excellence. ClemsonForward will further enhance student life, continue and grow high-quality athletics programs and provide robust leadership development opportunities. The Building Futures initiative will continue to focus on creating world-class facilities. Together these efforts will make Clemson an outstanding place to work, study and live.

Core Strategies for Success

  1. Increase diversity all across campus. ClemsonForward will enhance resources for the recruitment and retention of top talent from all racial groups and socioeconomic backgrounds, with specific focus on underrepresented minorities.
  2. Nurture a climate of diversity, inclusion and respect. Specific initiatives include:
    • incorporating the ideas of diversity and inclusive excellence into education and training;
    • developing infrastructure that models valuing differences and that supports the growth and development of all;
    • increasing strategic partnerships that build knowledge about diverse populations;
    • implementing a board directive to research Clemson’s history and tell its full and inclusive story;
    • supporting leadership accountability for diversity and inclusive excellence at all levels of the organization.
  3. Lead the nation in rewarding top performance and advancing workplace quality of life.