Institution-wide Strategies for 2020Forward Phase I

Discussion across the 2020Forward teams revealed systemic issues that if left unaddressed will prevent us from achieving the vision of 2020Forward in all three focus areas. The following institution-wide implementation strategies are recommended for creating the conditions needed to carry Clemson University to 2020 and beyond.
  • The success of all areas of 2020Forward depends on the quality of the faculty we recruit and retain. Clemson University needs to focus on creating an environment that attracts and retains the best teachers and researchers. This involves the strength of the community of scholars and quality of life as much as salary and resources.
  • Resource management must more actively balance obligation and opportunity. Major units should have sufficient resources to fully meet their obligations with respect to general education, education within the major, graduate education, and research. Individual units must also manage resources in ways that appropriately balance obligation and opportunity.
  • It is crucial that Clemson improve the diversity of its campus members (students, faculty, and staff) and that it place inclusion and respect at the core of both its values and actions. We should benchmark ourselves against peer and aspirational institutions, create specific goals for achievement in these areas, and hold ourselves accountable for substantive improvement in both attitudes and results.
  • All policies and procedures need to be evaluated to ensure they add value at least equal to their cost. Understanding the “true cost” of administration should be an ongoing aspect of decision making.
  • Technology and facilities are crucial elements of success in both teaching and research.  Deployment of technology, ranging from online instruction to instrumentation, should place a priority on improving academic quality.  We should also maintain a transparent, coordinated, and continuous cycle of facility and technology planning, design, development, and maintenance that ensures access to high quality facilities and technology for both teaching and research.
  • Like all institutions, Clemson has limited resources. We should be alert to opportunities where Clemson can be distinctive. In general, we should not pursue strategies in which we are attempting to compete in an already overcrowded field and where it is unlikely we will attain national or international prominence.