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University Policies

About the Program

Our Current Effort

We are currently familiarizing ourselves with policy partners across the University, identifying needs and collecting policies. In the first phase, the Policy Program site will focus primarily on directing site visitors to policy pages hosted by individual offices and departments.

Future Plans

Ultimately, the policy program will host a repository of all individual approved Administrative Policies and accompanying supplemental materials. It will also provide templates and guidance for policy partners to better facilitate the creation, revision, approval, communication, and review of policies.

Current Phases for the Policy Program Development

Phase I. Identify. Envision. Build.

  • Introduce Leadership to Policy Program
  • Update Policy on Policies
  • Begin orienting policy contacts/partners and gathering input
  • Begin to create program structure 
  • Policy Collection 

Phase II. Formalize and standardize policy development.

  • Formalize workflow and develop flow charts
  • Create templates 
  • Develop support forms and guidance
  • Increase policy communication
  • Update current identified administrative policies to meet new standards

Phase III. Create a culture of University policy engagement.

  • Develop policy advisory group
  • Establish a virtual development, approval and archiving system, to include policy review cycle
  • Create a formal mechanism for university community input on proposed policies

Phase IV. Policy structure and support at every level.

  • Continue refinement of the policy program 
  • Develop centralized non-administrative/local policy collection and review processes
Office of University Compliance and Ethics
Office of University Compliance and Ethics | Monique Everroad | Policy Program Manager