Architects and Engineers, or A/E, are often hired for a variety of planning and design purposes such as simple renovations of office space, audio/visual system design, master planning for a campus/facility, or complete design and engineering of a building.

A/E selections are handled under the construction section of the SC Procurement Code.  If you need to hire an A/E for more than a very minor cost (<$2,500), you should contact Campus Planning to discuss your needs and the process.

Under the law, the dollar thresholds and existing Indefinite Delivery Contracts (IDCs) will dictate how an A/E is selected and hired.

Be sure to consider that an A/E completing a design or plan for your project is normally not able to then bid on delivering or constructing the project unless you are following an alternate delivery method (i.e. Design-Build).

Ordering and Additional Information below:

Depending on how the A/E is hired, you will want to enter a requisition to place a PO with the A/E firm at the onset of the project, or work with Campus Planning to handle the contract and payments to the A/E firm.

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