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The University has contracted with Aramark Corporation Campus Services to be the University's exclusive food services provider.  The scope of this contract includes the procurement, preparation, and service of all food, food products, and beverages on campus and also specifically includes on-campus catering.  This catering includes all facilities and grounds on Clemson University with the exception of Garrison Arena, Camp Home, and CUAD Concessions.  Clemson Catering is routinely inspected by representatives of the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) and also complies with University contract requirements for all insurance coverage. Clemson Catering offers a wide array of catering services to meet all of your needs and expectations for your next special event.  Service capabilities range from the simplest of coffee breaks to catered events for student functions, to elegantly prepared and served receptions and dinners.

Aramark’s contract is exclusive with Clemson University. Outside caterers are not permitted without a signed waiver from the Aramark Catering Director, an Aramark Food Service Director, or the Aramark Resident District Manager. If having an event where catering will cost <$1000, you may utilize Aramark, but may also use one of the approved Small Catering Engagement caterers. Please visit our Small Catering Engagement website below for more information.

Helpful Links:

  • Campus Dish - Clemson Home Dining
  • Dining with Clemson - Quick Reference Guide
  • Small Catering Engagement (<$1000) - If you would like to use Clemson's List of Small Caterers, please visit our Small Catering website overview and link to approved caterers.
  • Decision Tree — flowchart designed to help you choose which purchasing method should be used.
  • Disbursement Grid — grid used as an aid to assessing the availability of the type of University funds prior to making commitments.

 Food Waivers are reviewed and are at times granted for small private groups within the Clemson University community wanting to utilize University facilities. All food on campus that is to be prepared and served to groups of people or to the public on campus has to be prepared following the Department of Health and Environmental Control regulations and guidelines. Clemson Home Dining is the sole source provider for Clemson University and under the contract that is DHEC Inspected and approved for food service on Clemson University Campus.

  • Vendors/Caterers/Concessionaires may not deliver food on campus.
  • Non-Dining Service Vendors/Caterers/Concessionaires /or any food event that is granted a waiver, cannot sell or collect monies for food on campus either directly or indirectly through a registration fee for an event where food is served.
  • Non Clemson Home Dining food vendors may not market their food services on campus.

On-Campus locations that may be of service for you:

 Please contact the location directly with the number provided on the site. If you have additional questions or concerns in regards to the restaurants listed, please reach out to Anna Popko at

 What will require the request for a waiver?

  1. Anyone who may want to use an off-campus food service supplier/vendor to provide service on campus. If approved, this will also require approval from Clemson University Risk Department, for liability reasons.
  2. Anyone who is looking to sell food & beverages on campus, either directly or through the sale of ticket or entry price.
  3. Any department or Clemson Organization using University funds for an off-campus food purchase greater than $150 (Off-campus food vendors may not deliver nor service events on campus)

Examples of events that do not need a waiver from Dining Services:

  1. Any Clemson Group, utilizing an approved Small Catering establishment for an event where total catering cost will be less than $1000.
  2. Any Clemson Group, Clemson Students, or Faculty purchasing food and beverage supplies and personally bringing these items on campus, such as a student or student groups doing their own cookout, student groups giving out ice cream, or other snacks. (Use of University funds must be below $150.00 and have department business officer approval)
  3. Any Clemson Group, Clemson Students, or Faculty wanting to provide a potluck style meal for their student group, department, etc. (This should be at no charge for entry or selling of food items)
  4. Any Clemson Group, Clemson Student, or Faculty wanting to hand out free snacks, such as candies, popcorn, popsicles, water, etc.…. (Should not be performed inside of buildings containing a food service location without a waiver)

** All non-Clemson groups or organizations wanting food service on campus should utilize a Clemson Home Dining location or Clemson Catering for food service. Contact Clemson catering at 864-656-1024 for assistance.

If Requesting a Waiver please provide the following information:  Please read the information listed above before filling out the request.

  • Location of event:
  • Event Contact:
  • Date and time of event:
  • The number of people that will be attending?
  • Where will you be sourcing the food?
  • What food items are you wanting to serve (please name all food items individually)?
  • Is there a fee to attend this event where food will be served (no food may be sold on campus directly or through event fees)?
  • How will the food be delivered to the event (Hot food must maintain a minimum of 145 degrees while being held and cold food must maintain a maximum of 40 degrees while being held)?
  • Is this a private group event or open to the Clemson University population?
  • How will you keep cold food cold or hot food hot to meet the following guidelines set forth by DHEC and Clemson University?

Guidelines for Serving Food:
Each of the following guidelines must be able to be met for your event for the protection of Clemson Community.

  • The temperature of hot food(s) must be kept at a minimum of 145 degrees Fahrenheit at all times.
  • The temperature of cold food (s) must be kept at a maximum of 40 degrees Fahrenheit at all times.
  • You must have a food thermometer and frequently check to make sure these temperatures are maintained.
  • Food must be covered or protected at all times.
  • Frequent sanitizing/washing of hands is required, with hand washing mandatory prior to serving food and after every bathroom break.
  • When an event may involve preparing and cooking raw protein such as; ground beef, chicken, pork, etc. There must be an accessible hand washing station with hot running water, soap, and paper towels within 20 feet of the preparation and cooking area.
  • Protective clothing, (i.e. gloves, aprons, hats, hairnet, etc) must be worn whenever handling or serving food.
  • Surfaces contacted by raw meats must be sanitized after each use (i.e., a surface in contact with raw chicken must be properly sanitized before vegetables or other meat is placed on it).
  • Dispose of any food items at end of service that have been out on any buffet.

Clemson Catering is showcased in buyWays and is available for online ordering. Payments should be made in buyWays using the Payment Request Form.

If you have questions about hosting a catered event on campus, please call the Clemson Catering Office, 864-656-1024 or email

Policies, Procedures and Guidelines