Clemson University has a state term contract for a wide array of audio visual equipment, supplies and services.  This contract has numerous items with multiple suppliers.  In order to  streamline our process, we are able to offer many of the products and services through two of our punchout suppliers in buyWays (Camcor, Inc. and Troxell).  Orders may be placed for these contract items with the punchout vendors by simply visiting the punchouts through buyWays and adding your items.  The selected items will be added to your shopping cart in buyWays where you can proceed to checkout or assign cart to requisitioner. 

Ordering and Additional Information below:

To view the audio/visual products and services offered from these punchout vendors in buyWays and/or to place an order, please visit the punchouts by logging into buyWays here and selecting one of the suppliers in the IT/Electronics & Audio Visual showcase.

As stated, there are multiple suppliers on state term contract offering audio visual equipment, supplies and services.  The contract is located on the State Procurement website. If you would like to view the individual products and/or services offered by each supplier, please review the approved brands and minimum discounts spreadsheet which resides on the state site.  Any items/services found in this listing may be purchased on a Non-Catalog Form in buyWays.

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