Breakroom Supplies / Meeting Supplies

The most critical consideration when purchasing such supplies is to consider the source of funds and what is allowed to be purchased with what type of funds.  Please refer to the Disbursement Grid link below.

Business Meetings - again, refer to the grid.  If your department routinely hosts visitors for official University business, it may be appropriate to spend money to provide them with nominal refreshments.  Total meals and refreshments provided for visitors will need to be below State allowable per diem amounts.  So, buying and providing coffee or soft drinks for visitors is allowed, but that value should be taken into consideration if also providing a meal using State or Federal funds.  Employees may partake in meals or refreshments purchased with State funds if at least 75% of those attending the meeting are non-University employees.

Ordering and Additional Information below:

To purchase such supplies, utilize a P-Card or a PO via buyWays to make your purchase after you ensure it is allowable per the Disbursement Grid.  Reimbursement is also allowable, but should only be considered if a P-Card purchase is not practical for one reason or another. 

Be sure to consider transparency and maintain supporting documentation when you make such purchases, as these types of purchases, even if allowable, definitely come under scrutiny from time to time.

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