Damage Payments, Insurance Paid Repairs

Occasionally Clemson property will become damaged by storm or accident and in working with Risk Management, an insurance adjuster from the State Insurance Reserve Fund will be assigned to assess damages that will hopefully result in getting the property repaired.

Depending on the situation and the specific adjuster, they may require that Clemson obtain quotes for repairs.  It is in our interest to work with them to get quotes that will ultimately get us money for the repair.  HOWEVER, those quotes do not equate to official quotes as far as State Procurement requires.  If less than $10K, they can be used as required price references, but if a repair is going to cost >$10K, the work or equipment is still going to need to be bid out through Procurement - regardless of what the adjuster says.

DO NOT contract with a supplier for repairs at the suggestion of the adjuster for anything >$2500.  Please discuss with Risk Management and/or Procurement if you have any questions or concerns.  We will help you get your repairs made as quickly as possible, even using an Emergency Procurement exemption IF APPLICABLE.

Ordering and Additional Information below:

Source of funds (i.e. insurance payment) does not equate to a procurement exemption.

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