Entertainment, Speakers

Frequently entertainers/performers services are employed by the university.  Services may include music bands, speakers, artists, magicians, comedians, etc.  Vendors should register with Clemson University well in advance of their performance date.

Currently, Clemson University does not have a contract in place for Entertainers/Performers. Purchases should follow procurement guidelines regarding obtaining quotes as needed or bidding purchases as necessary when a sole source is not applicable or Direct Pay Exemptions do not apply.

Ordering and Additional Information below:

You should use buyWays or the P-Card for booking an Entertainer or Performer.

Helpful Links:

  • Decision Tree — flowchart designed to help you choose which purchasing method should be used.
  • Disbursement Grid — grid used as an aid to assess availability of the type of University funds prior to making commitments.
  • P-Card Policies and Procedures
  • Policies, Procedures and Guidelines
  • Exemption List — may be applicable to your purchase
    • 15. Purchases for commercial resale such as food (Campus Dining Services), books (University Book Store), drugs and pharmaceutical supplies (Student Health Center), arts and crafts supplies (Youth Learning Institute), and other items which are sold in the retail market.
    • 21. Speaker and musician fees reimbursed from admission charges.
    • 39. Expenditures of funds at state institutions of higher learning derived wholly from athletic or other student contests, from the activities of student organizations and from the operation of bookstores, except as such funds are used for the procurement of construction, architect-engineer, construction-management and land surveying services.