These contracts are now active in buyWays:

  • Clemson Contract 60785975 for all Specialty Gases and Equipment — with Airgas, Praxair, and Arc3 Gases (Machine & Welding Supply)
  • SC State Contract 4400029265 for Industrial Gases — with Linde Gas
  • Clemson Contract 21909690 for Bulk Liquid Nitrogen and Helium — with Airgas
  • Clemson Contract 33374228 for Liquid Nitrogen Delivery Service — with Carolina Cryogenics

Note: Due to State Regulations, Industrial Gases listed under Contract 4400029265 should only be ordered from Linde Gas and Equipment.

This spreadsheet summarizes the options and pricing.

Always issue a PO when ordering gases. The only exception should be cylinder rentals, where invoices will be paid monthly using Direct Pay.

Airgas Changes - 12/16/2020

Industrial Gases update, Linde Gas and Equipment - 1/19/2024

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