Office Supplies and Paper

Clemson has a preferred supplier agreement with Staples for all our office supplies and desktop delivery of paper. Staples was awarded the State contract and Clemson negotiated further savings from that in exchange for the preferred status at the University.

Items that you are NOT required to buy from Staples include: computers and accessories, Audio visual, furniture, janitorial supplies and other technology items. Staples offers these for convenience, and at discounted pricing, but you may be able to find better pricing elsewhere.

All University P-Cards are registered with Staples, so that you can make purchases at any Staples store and receive Clemson discounted pricing at checkout. If you have a new P-Card, it may take up to a month or two to get added to the program.

Visit the Staples punchout for announcements and contact information for our Customer Service Rep.

Personal Purchase Discounts — Register your personal credit card here to receive Clemson discounted pricing at checkout when shopping at Staples for personal purchases.

Ordering and Additional Information below:

All routine office supplies and copy paper should be purchased from Staples using the buyWays punchout. Note that the punchout is different than and pricing may differ — i.e. the punchout may not always offer the same promotional pricing offers, but overall, they offer the best pricing across all products that Clemson purchases year in and year out.

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