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Clemson has contracted with Gregory Pest Control to provide comprehensive integrated pest management program for various locations on Campus.   IPM is a process for long-term pest suppression based on surveillance and interpretation of data to estimate the pest population in a given area. This  allows accurate decisions to be made on items such as, what control measures are needed, the type of control measure(s) selected, and the method of application.

Gregory Pest Control will furnish all labor, materials, supplies and equipment to implement the surveillance, trapping and treatment applications. They also will give recommendations if required for structural and procedural modifications on site specific areas to achieve pest suppression.

The contract is intended to suppress populations of fruit flies, lady bugs, beetles, mosquitoes, moths, bees, wasps, hornets, rats, mice, cockroaches, ants, silverfish, and any other arthropod pest.

The contract also includes occasional invaders such as snakes, bats, and parasites of man such as fleas, lice, and mites. Special protocol for bedbugs will be followed. Populations of these pests which are located outside the buildings, but within the property boundaries (25 feet) of the buildings, are included.

The following pests are excluded from this contract (unless found in a buildings interior); birds, bats, and all other vertebrates other than commensal rodents; mosquitoes; and pests located outside buildings that primarily feed on outdoor vegetation. If you so choose, the contractor may be called upon to control or remove these pests at a price agreed upon by Clemson University and the Contractor at the time of need. This holds true for termites and other wood destroying organisms.

Company representatives should be in a distinct uniform with the company’s name displayed and present a clean, neat and professional appearance with a company issued photo ID. All hours will however be between the hours of 8am and 4pm, Monday through Friday. The only exception would be a special request/emergency as outlined above.

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