Promotional / Novelty Products

Clemson University has established a Promotional/Novelty Licensed Merchandise Products Contract with six suppliers for use by Clemson Campus and Extensions.  All six contracted suppliers are strategic partners licensed to sell promotional and novelty products with the Clemson logos and trademarks at contract pricing.

The commodities include hard goods, apparel goods, and above-average quality specialty items but not limited just to these goods.  Clemson University Campus and off-campus sites may use this contract as described herein.

Order from any of these contract suppliers for orders up to $3,000,000.  If necessary, be sure your items have been approved by Clemson University's Creative Services.  

Ordering and Additional Information below:

Helpful Links:

  • Decision Tree — flowchart designed to help you choose which purchasing method should be used.
  • Disbursement Grid — grid used as an aid to assess availability of the type of University funds prior to making commitments.
  • P-Card Policies and Procedures
  • Policies, Procedures and Guidelines
  • Exemption List — may be applicable to your purchase
    • 15. Purchases for commercial resale such as food (Campus Dining Services), books (University Book Store), drugs and pharmaceutical supplies (Student Health Center), arts and crafts supplies (Youth Learning Institute), and other items which are sold in the retail market.