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Clemson University has a current state term contract for a wide array of security software products.  This contract has numerous software manufacturers with multiple suppliers.  Prior to any software purchases, it is strongly recommended that you visit CCIT's Software and Applications web page to determine if the software you are purchasing has already been obtained by CCIT and available for download.  

As stated, there are multiple software manufacturers and suppliers on state term contract offering security software products.  If you would like to view the individual products offered by each supplier, please review the supplier/product list associated with each product below.  The first step is to visit the link below associated with the software you are intending to purchase and obtain pricing.  If pricing cannot be found or you are unsure of pricing after visiting the site, please contact the supplier directly for a price quote.  After obtaining pricing, the second step is to place a purchase order through buyWays using the Non Catalog Form.

CA Technologies - Privilege User Management
Check Point Security Products
Cisco Security Products
CyberArk Software - Privilege User Management
Dell QuestOne - Privilege User Management
Gemalto - Two Factor Authentication Software
IBM QRadar - Vulnerability Management
Juniper Security Products
LogRhythm - For Higher Ed and Technical Colleges ONLY
RSA Security Products
Safenet - Two Factor Authentication Software
Secunia Patch Management Software
Symantec Software
Tenable Security Software
WinMagic - Document Security

Ordering and Additional Information below:

If the software you are interested in purchasing is not listed above or on the CCIT website, you must send through a purchase requisition in buyWays on a Non Catalog Form.  Procurement will determine the appropriate procurement method.

For general Software, see How to Buy: Software

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