Vehicle / Trailers

The State of South Carolina offers a variety of vehicle contracts some include All Terrain Vehicles, Buses, Electric Vehicles, and Law Enforcement Vehicles.

All other vehicles purchases not listed in the state contract should follow procurement guidelines regarding obtaining quotes as needed or bidding purchases as necessary.

Questions regarding vehicles can be directed to Shelly Hackett ( who manages the vehicles commodity for Clemson University or Stacy Adams ( who manages the state wide vehicle contract.

How to Purchase a New State Vehicle checklist

Ordering and Additional Information below:

The Vehicle/Trailer form in buyWays should be used to request the purchase of a new or SC State Surplus vehicle or trailer. Note: You must attach a completed State Fleet Management Form SASS-007A (formerly form 6-77) as an External Attachment below or the requisition will not be processed. Only include one vehicle or trailer per order / form. All State Vehicle contracts do NOT have the same expiration date. Plan in advance and review the expiration date on the contract prior to ordering.

Please visit the link to the State contract below for vehicle options, pricing, suppliers, and specific contract information. Ensure you select the correct vendor and contract number as well as vehicle information all available from the state contract link.

This order will route to the State Fleet Manager for ultimate review and approval after PO is issued in buyWays.

Trailer Purchases: Please utilize the Vehicle/Trailer form in buyWays when purchasing a trailer so the proper approvals can be met.

Consider these questions when submitting a bid for these commodities:

  • Did I use the BuyWays Vehicle/Trailer Form?
  • What if my preferred vendor does not win this solicitation?  What information should I include to be sure an 'unknown' winning bidder will be able to provide exactly what I need?
  • Have I provided enough detail in my specifications so that if someone, who didn't know what was being purchased, would understand exactly what I need upon reading my specifications?
  • Have I considered an adequate time frame in which to obtain what I need? Consider: Bid time, Protest possibilities, manufacturer construction time, delivery time, etc.

Donated Vehicles: Information about receiving a donated vehicle can be found here.

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