Advising Students

Academic Advisors

Academic advisors represent and interpret University policies and procedures to the students and help the students to navigate the academic and organizational paths of the institution. They assist students in scheduling courses so as to fulfill the requirements of the degree program. Advisors also maintain files on individual advisees to assist in academic planning.

Change of Academic Programs

Does your advisee need to change their major? Declare or change their minor, concentration or curriculum year? Need the Major or Minor Code?

  1. Direct students to iROAR 〉 Student Self-Service
  2. Select "Undergraduate Change of Program"
Direct questions to Enrolled Student Services, 104 Sikes Hall or 864-656-2174. Additional workflow information can be found in the "Tips and How-to" section below.

Prepare Students for Registration

Refer to resources located in the Student Registration pages when helping students prepare for registration. In particular, the Registration Checklist includes information for:

  • Registration PINs
  • Resolving Registration Holds
  • Prerequisites
  • Credit Hours
  • iROAR Errors
  • Overrides

Tips, How-to and Additional Information

Advising Coordinators

Advising coordinators develop and coordinate advising and student support services for a designated program. They assign advisors to students as well as provide assistance to students in obtaining necessary information and arranging a meeting with their advisor.

Tips, How-to and Additional Information

See more Academic Advising and Advisor Contacts.

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