Registration Overrides

Should a student require an override to enroll in your class—a class for which you are the instructor or Registration Coordinator—confirm the error message that the student received. Overrides do not work if they aren't given for the specific error message received in iROAR. The following overrides correlate to specific registration errors provided via:

  • Instructor: Faculty Self-Service in iROAR
  • Coordinator: SFASRPO in Banner 


Course that is restricted by academic class (e.g., Senior).


Course that is restricted to a particular college (e.g., G - Science).


Allows a student to add a course without the required corequisite component. Should only be given if the student has already completed one of the courses. Otherwise, to successfully add a corequisite, the course and the required corequisite must be added at the same time in the worksheet, i.e., CH 1010 and CH 1011 (lecture and lab)


Course is restricted to a particular degree (e.g., BA, BS, MENGR, etc.)


Course is restricted to a particular department (e.g., 1309 Economics).


Allows a student to enroll in a duplicate course — a course with the same number in the same term (usually courses such as Creative Inquiry, Independent Study, etc.).


A course is restricted to a specific field of study (major, minor, or concentration).


Student does not meet the prerequisite required.


Course is restricted to a specific student attribute, usually Honors, Athlete or an LLC. Typically, an ATTR override is not given and should never be given for an Honors attribute.


A course that is restricted to a specific academic program (e.g., BA-ENGL-2).


Repeat Course Error is generated for a class which a student has already received credit, are currently enrolled in, or are registered for in a future term. Also allows students to repeat a course for which they have already received the maximum credits allowed. (NOTE: STUDENTS CANNOT USE THESE CREDITS TOWARD GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS.).


Course requires special approval:
  • See Dept Chair for Consent
  • See Graduate School for Consent
  • See Instructor for Consent
  • See Registration Coordinator for Consent
  • See Study Abroad for Consent
  • See Advisor for Consent


Allows a student to enroll in a course that overlaps another scheduled course.


Allows a student to enroll in a course over the maximum capacity.
  • Not to be used for sections with a waitlist
  • Check the room capacity for the section—enrollment should not exceed room capacity