Faculty and Staff Forms

During the published drop/add dates for each part of term, students are responsible for all class enrollments and withdrawals in iROAR. Instructors or Registration Coordinators should provide overrides to allow students to enroll despite course restrictions, if appropriate. Overrides can be provided to students by the course instructor or registration coordinator—for courses that fall within their specified department(s). (Grade Corrections are requested in iROAR > Faculty/Advisor Self-Service.)

    •  Registration Correction Forms Have Moved

        • Beginning Fall 2023, this form will be in iROAR under Faculty/Advisor Self-Service. The form will become live after the last day to add for each part of term.
        • Registration Coordinators and Instructors may use the form to drop students, make section changes, or change variable credit hours.
        • Registration Coordinators will use Enrollment Manager to add students to their assigned subjects through the last day to drop without final grades for each part of term. See Academic Calendars for important dates.
        • After the last day to drop without final grades for each part of term has passed, any late add must have Department Chair approval—email approvals to corrforms@clemson.edu for processing.
    • Past Term Registration Corrections
    • Degree Works Inquiry
    • Update Athlete
    Override * vs Registration Form
    Scenario Solution
    If students can add classes in iROAR Give an Override
    If it is after the last day to add Correction Form
    If grades have rolled to history for the term Past Term Form

    *It takes about 20 seconds to provide an Override.