Faculty and Staff Forms

During the published drop/add dates for each part of term, students are responsible for all class enrollments and withdrawals in iROAR. Instructors or Registration Coordinators should provide overrides to allow students to enroll despite course restrictions, if appropriate. Overrides can be provided to students by the course instructor or registration coordinator—for courses that fall within their specified department(s). (Grade Corrections are requested in iROAR > Faculty/Advisor Self Service.)

Override * vs Registration Form
Scenario Solution
If students can add classes in iROAR Give an Override
If it is after the last day to add Correction Form
If grades have rolled to history for the term Past Term Form

*It takes about 20 seconds to provide an Override.

Need Access?

If a form is necessary and you do not have access (and you are NOT the student), please email  Kelly McDavid and include:
  • username (lower case)
  • form name
  • user's role at Clemson