Veteran Prospective Students

Thank you for considering Clemson University as you pursue your education goals. Clemson is committed to providing our best services to our nation's veterans. Clemson is approved for VA benefits for veterans and their dependents. Eligibility and benefits are determined by the Veterans Administration. Our Certifying Official serves as a contact between the veteran, Clemson and the VA.

Follow the step-by-step guideline for successful Veteran enrollment:

  • 1. Apply for Admission
    Visit Admissions to complete the online application to Clemson University.
  • 2. Apply for VA Benefits
    • Visit GI Bill® and click "Apply for Benefits."
    • If you are unsure how to get started, click on "Road Map for Success" and follow the guide.
    • If you have applied, please forward a copy of your Certificate of Eligibility to Clemson's certifying official.
  • 3. Apply for Financial Aid
    • If you plan on receiving federal and state financial aid, you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
    • To do this, go to FAFSA and click "Start a New FAFSA" if new to the application, or click "Login" if you have completed the form in the past.
    • The FAFSA is available after January 1 each year and must be completed every year you would like to receive aid.
    • Complete the FAFSA as early as possible to guarantee all types of aid you are eligible for are still available.
  • 4. Request your Transcripts
    • You must send official transcripts of all prior coursework to Clemson University.
    • If you have received credit hours from military training, please send those as well.
    • Your transcripts will be evaluated to determine if/how you will receive credit for your hours earned from the military or other educational institution.
  • 5. If you are Admitted
    • Congratulations!
    • A Benefits Request Form is required for each term you want to use your benefits.
    • This form lets us know to certify you for the upcoming term. Do not submit a form if you do not want to use your benefits for the upcoming term.
  • 6. Campus Resources

    Records and Registration

    Veteran Certifying Officials
    Phone: 864-656-7855
    Fax: 864-656-2546


    102 Sikes Hall
    Clemson University

    Mailing Address:

    Office of Records and Registration
    Box 345125
    Clemson, SC 29634-5125


    105 Sikes Hall
    Phone: 864-656-2287
    Fax: 864-656-2464

    Financial Aid

    G-01 Sikes Hall
    Phone: 864-656-2280
    Fax: 864-656-1831


    G-08 Sikes Hall
    Phone: 864-656-5592

    Clemson Student Veteran Center

    108 Vickery Hall
    Phone: 864-656-2982

    Military and Veteran Engagement

    Director, Brennan Beck
    107-A Vickery Hall
    Phone: 864-656-2982