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Phi Beta Kappa


Each chapter of Phi Beta Kappa has its own means for determining membership qualification. Clemson's qualifications are based on the national society's stipulations concerning eligibility, which focus on the highest academic standards. Generally, chapters offer membership to fewer than 5 percent of liberal arts and sciences students. It is because of this selectivity of membership, as well as the society’s rich history, that Phi Beta Kappa is considered among the most prestigious American college honor societies. See Membership Requirements.

Because of the exclusivity of this society, membership is truly an honor. Benefits include:

  • Recognition as one of the top scholars in the country
  • Access to invaluable networking resources
  • Competitive fellowship and award programs
  • Lifelong connection to a society that recognizes:
    • personal freedom
    • scientific inquiry
    • liberty of conscience
    • creative endeavor
  • Involvement in the oldest honors society in the nation
  • Shared commitment to the liberal arts and sciences

More information may be found on the national Phi Beta Kappa Society website.