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Global Black Studies

Global Black Studies Curriculum

Curriculum Map

Core Courses:  (18 hours):
PAS 1010 Africa and the Atlantic World or PAS 3010 Introduction to Pan African Studies
HIST 3110 African American History to 1877
HIST 3120 African American History from 1877 to the Present
HIST 3380 or HIST 3390 African History
PAS 4000 or PAS 4100 Research Methods
PAS 4980 Senior Seminar on Pan African Studies

Major Requirement Courses:  (15 hours): Select from list of approved humanities and social science courses: 
ED 4050 Multiculturalism
ENGL 2160 African American Literature
ENGL 3530 American Literatures of Race, Ethnicity, & Migration
ENGL 3540 Literature of the Middle East & North Africa
ENGL 4190 Postcolonial & World Literatures
ENGL 4820 African-American Literature to 1920
ENGL 4830 African-American Literature from 1920 to the Present
GEOG 3300 Geography of the Middle East & North Africa
GEOL 3750 Bahamian Field Study
HIST 3370 History of South Africa
HIST 4930 Studies in Social History
PAS 4300 Hip-Hop & Contemporary Culture
PAS 4680 Comparative Racism & Discrimination in the Atlantic World
PAS 4710 Directed Studies on the Black Experience in Education
POSC 3810 African American Politics
POSC 4590 Nationalism & Ethnic Conflict
POSC 4660 African Politics
POSC 4780 Latin American Politics
REL 3090 Religious History of the American South
REL 3100 History of Religion in the United States
REL 3110 African American Religion
REL 3150 Islam
RS 3010 Rural Sociology
SOC 3310 Urban Sociology
SOC 3600 Social Class & Poverty
SOC 4600 Race & Ethnicity
THEA 3170 African-America Theater I
THEA 3171 African-American Theater II

 Dr. Alan Schaffer Endowment for Pan African Studies

Established by Frank Schaffer in memory of his brother Dr. Alan Schaffer, as Chair of the Department of History. 

Annual Awards 

  1. The Dr. Alan Schaffer Prize in Pan African Studies. This award will be a monetary award of $350 with a plaque for the best student.
  1. The Dr. Alan Schaffer Recruiting Award for Pan African Studies. This award will provide a monetary award of $100 to the student who has done the most to recruit other students to the program at Clemson University. 
  1. The Dr. Alan Schaffer Pan African Studies Scholarship. This monetary stipend of $500 - $1,000 (up to $4,000) will be provided to new Global Black Studies majors. The amount of the award will vary according to the number of applicants who fulfill the scholarship criteria. This scholarship is designed to encourage the pursuit of the major at Clemson University.
Global Black Studies
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