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World Cinema

World Cinema

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The World Cinema major offers a unique way of studying moving images as they are produced in specific economic, political and historical circumstances around the world. Designed to teach critical and creative skills, this major trains students to comprehend, challenge and participate in the unprecedented global screen culture. Increasingly shaped by interrelatedness and interdependence of media technologies and communities, film and video demand a multidisciplinary and cross-cultural approach. World Cinema draws on Clemson University’s rich pool of faculty whose work engages diverse disciplinary backgrounds, research fields, practical methodologies, and linguistic traditions.

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World Cinema Student Spotlight

Liz Roberts

“I chose World Cinema because I knew from the start there was something special about it. I wanted to combine my journalistic skills with my creative passion for film. The World Cinema program at Clemson has never let me down. I am so grateful for the film community that I’ve built during my time in this major, and will certainly never forget it.”

Liz Roberts
World Cinema Student
Clemson University

World Cinema Faculty Spotlight

Professor Luca Barattoni

“I believe WCIN is strategic because we can help our students be better prepared to contribute to the Netflixes and Amazons of this world and/or pursue graduate degrees in Film, Media, and Communication Studies. It is also very exciting to work with talented colleagues and contribute to the build-up of a solid curriculum with a good balance between film theory, film history, and production.”

Luca Barattoni
World Cinema
College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities | Interdisciplinary Programs
College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities | Interdisciplinary Programs | 256 Sirrine Hall, Clemson, SC 29634