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Aerial view of road at night
National Center for Transportation Cybersecurity and Resiliency


Pioneering Research

At TraCR, our goal is to continuously study the fast-moving world of Transportation Cyber-Physical-Social Systems (TCPSS) cybersecurity and identify challenges and threats as they appear across transportation modes, geographies, and applications. Our work runs the gamut from fundamental research to creating ready-to-deploy and cost-effective products, procedures, and policies that are analyzed to ensure their benefits far exceed their costs. Many of these will be tested at existing testbeds at our member institutions, piloted in the communities in which we are embedded, and diffused using our proven technology transfer (TT) expertise.

Thrust Areas

  • Security and Resilience
  • User and Data Privacy
  • Society and Environment
  • Evolving Quantum Computing Threats and Opportunities
Map of Clemson campus with equipment points shown.
Inside of testbed vehicle with screen
Phone with safe to cross message at crosswalk

Research and Development

Our research delves into focus regions and the known challenges that must be met. Our applications, modes, and areas look at how we travel and where we travel.


  • Security Risks and Vulnerabilities
  • Equity, Adaptability, and Transferability
  • Lack of Academic Background and Professional Training
  • Unknown Risks and Opportunites in Quantum Computing

Advanced Technology and Tools

Outputs and Outcomes

  • Tools for Data Management
  • Secure and Resilient Methods
  • Design Guidelines
  • Trustworthiness Index


  • Trustworthy and Equitable TCPSS
  • Wide-scale Adoption of Developed Tools and Methods
  • Transferability to Non-transportation Areas
Chowdhury and graduate researchers looking at plan blueprint
Street post with equipment attached

Technologies for Foundational and Supporting Research

Research graph on outcomes, thrusts, and impacts

Research Infrastructure

Lab space, testing environments, and hpc infrastructure in the USA.

TraCR | 1 Research Dr, Greenville, SC 29607