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The South Carolina Educational Interpreting Center (SCEIC) was a partnership between Clemson University and the South Carolina Department of Education from 2016-2020.  Although the funding cycle for the SCEIC has finished,  Clemson University has applied for continued funding.  Until such time as funding has been awarded, we are not able to offer any professional development, mentoring, testing or technical assistance.  We know this is disappointing for educational interpreters and district administrators seeking to improve access for deaf students. As soon as we have news on a new funding award we will be posting our activities.  In the meanwhile, if you have questions or concerns about the SCEIC and funding please feel free to contact Sara McKay at: and/or Dr. Stephen Fitzmaurice at: 


For every Deaf and Hard of Hearing student to have equitable access to the entire school experience through highly qualified educational interpreters.

"We want to ensure our children get the best interpreting services possible so they are successful in school and in life." John Payne SC Department of Education
Office of Special Education Services Director


In keeping with its mission and to equip educational interpreters with the means to improve their interpreting skill set, the South Carolina Educational Interpreting Center will provide:

  • educational interpreting skills assessment
  • educational interpreting knowledge assessment
  • targeted professional development opportunities
  • diagnostic and mentoring services
  • general support and advocacy on behalf of educational interpreters and Deaf and Hard of Hearing students