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SCEIC Workshops

With its faculty and staff expertise in educational interpreting, we analyze the competencies data of all Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment (EIPA) and Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment Written Test (EIPA WT) results, and make determinations on areas of professional development and educational need.

In an effort to target learning, educational objectives are thereby determined based on the needs analyses of competencies throughout the state, and we provide several 8-hour (one day) professional workshops in three regions per academic year.   We also provide for a weeklong immersion on the Clemson main campus each summer. 

Educational interpreters are grouped into two categories:

Green Group which means an educational interpreter has an EIPA score between 3.0-3.4.

Blue Group means an educational interpreter has an EIPA score between 3.5-3.9.  Full-time South Carolina Educational Interpreters with an EIPA score above 3.9 may attend Blue Group workshops.

Each workshop is targeted to those learning objectives, thus educational interpreters should only be registering for their respective groups.  Only full-time educational interpreters working in South Carolina who have registered with the SCEIC may attend workshops.

Note:  Educational interpreters scoring less than EIPA 3.0 (formally the Orange Group) are unqualified to interpret for deaf children and should not be working as an educational interpreter.

There are some workshops that are open to all (Yellow Grouping) educational interpreters (for example the Written Test Workshops).  Attendance at SCEIC workshops is restricted to working educational interpreters in South Carolina.  

While the workshops are free, there is a $ 20.00 fee so we may provide luncheon and snacks for each attendee.