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Green & Blue 2019 Summer Immersion Week at Clemson University

June 23rd - June 28th!

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For registered SCEIC Green & Blue Interpreters Only

No cost to attend. Registration required

Dorm room accommodations and on-campus meals provided

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Special performance for all who attend!

** More details coming soon**

Boys Town EIPA Workshops:

  • February 16, 2019: Understanding Prosody
    • Time: 11 AM - 3 PM
    • Location: SCSDB Outreach Center, Charleston SC
    • Bring your own lunch
    • Please register to attend (click 'register here for a workshop' above)
    • Presenter: Deborah Cates, PhD, Sign Language Program Coordinator, Iowa School for the Deaf
    • Workshop Description: Why do signers sometimes shift in space when they are not indicating a specific referent? Why do they raise their eyebrows when they are not asking a question? How do I know that a signer is referring to a past discourse referent instead of a time in the past? How can I improve my sentence boundaries in my interpreting? The answer to these questions is prosody. Prosodic features of language are larger than individual signs or even individual sentences. These are the features that help you navigate through discourse. Prosodic features help to create and recognize boundaries in sign, including both Signed English and ASL. In this workshop, participants will learn about prosodic features, will practice recognizing them, and will learn how to interpret the features.

2018/2019 Schedule:



SCEIC Workshops

With its faculty and staff expertise in educational interpreting, the South Carolina Educational Interpreting Center will analyze the competencies data of all Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment (EIPA) and Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment Written Test (EIPA WT) results, and make determinations on areas of professional development and educational need.

In an effort to target learning, educational objectives will be determined based on the needs analyses of competencies throughout the state, and the South Carolina Educational Interpreting Center will provide several 10-hour professional education sessions per academic year and be responsible for coordinating the design for educational interpreter workshops at the annual Research to Practice Institute.

Each education session will be granted Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) Continuing Education Unit (CEU) approval, and each educational interpreter will be awarded Certificates of Attendance for each education session they attend.

Upcoming Workshops