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About the SCEIC

In 2006, the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) found that 60% of the K-12 school districts sampled had unfilled Educational Interpreter positions.  One respondent in this study commented, “I cannot find anyone to fill the position,” and stated that students were struggling in the classroom (National Center on Deafness, July 2007).   School districts cannot allow these positions to go unfilled.  This situation is often resolved by hiring unqualified interpreters (Commission on Education of the Deaf, 1988, p. 104).  In fact, the RID (2007) findings indicate when a school district must fill a gap in coverage most (54.3%) reported filling requests with non-certified interpreters.

In 2016, the South Carolina Department of Education and Clemson University partnered to create the South Carolina Educational Interpreting Center, (SCEIC) in order to undertake four cornerstones of service for in-service educational interpreters, school districts, the South Carolina Department of Education, and most importantly Deaf students and their parents.  From 2016-2020 the SCEIC demonstrated a significant track record of improving the  skills and knowledge competencies of educational interpreters across South Carolina.  In 2021, the SCEIC funding was renewed through the South Carolina Department of Education, will allow the South Carolina Educational Interpreting Center (SCEIC) to continue to offer assessments, professional development, mentoring and technical assistance for all in-service interpreters in order to achieve a higher level of excellence in education of all Deaf students in South Carolina.