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ClemsonLIFE Course Descriptions

ClemsonLIFE students attend modified courses in ClemsonLIFE classrooms taught by instructors with certified special education teaching certificates and graduate student instructors. In addition, ClemsonLIFE students attend one Clemson University leisure skills course.

students in class

Functional Mathematics:

Students receive classroom instruction and hands-on, practical application of functional mathematics, including but not limited to: online banking, bill pay, ATM usage, budgeting, shopping, credit/debit card usage, counting money, making change, telling time, scheduling, functional addition and subtraction.

Functional Literacy:

Students receive classroom instruction and hands-on practical application of functional literacy including but not limited to: functional reading comprehension, writing, spelling, library usage, basic computer word processing, email etiquette, contracts/important documents and filling out forms.

CULIFE students presenting slide shows.

Independent Living Skills:

Students receive classroom instruction and hands-on practical application of independent living skills in areas including: transportation, clothing, shopping, meal preparation, household chores, technology, communication, community resources and citizenship. Students receive hands-on instruction and experience navigating local public transportation.

Communication Skills:

Students receive classroom instruction, and engage in hands-on practical application of communication, social, leisure and self-advocacy skills to be applied in school, home, community and employment settings. Students learn about social norms, disability awareness, advocacy rights and more.


CULIFE students learning cooking and nutrition.

Health and Wellness:

Students receive health and wellness instruction that includes: navigation of grocery stores, choosing recipes, creating a weekly menu, identifying parts of a balanced meal, hygiene, proper use of prescription/over the counter medication, medical symptoms and practices, and relationships and privacy.


Counselors assist students and resident assistants with independent living skills. Weekly group counseling sessions with students. Individual counseling session available, upon student request.