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School of Health Research

Jeff Gerac, M.D.

Jeff Gerac, M.D.

Clinical Assistant Professor
Clemson University School of Health Research
Prisma Health
Chief Medican Informatics Officer - Acute care


Dr. Gerac is the Chief Medical Informatics Officer and Clinical Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. His career has been dedicated to advancing healthcare through the safe and effective implementation of the Electronic Health Record (EHR) and clinical applications to improve patient outcomes and clinician well-being. He is intensely focused on optimizing the interaction between technology and humans, enabling a true partnership to better care for patients. Additionally, he carries multiple board certifications with very broad clinical experience (Clinical Informatics, Pediatric Hospital Medicine, General Pediatrics, General Internal Medicine), which provide a unique perspective to understanding how technology impacts all aspects of care. His research has focused on leveraging IT and Informatics tools, particularly in the areas of patient safety, provider well-being, and human factors engineering. He is currently partnered with Clemson faculty for Human Factors Seed Grants, one focused on improving clinical IT workflows in sepsis care, and the other on optimal access to clinical workstations.

How their research is transforming health care

Dr. Jeff Gerac led the implementation of a system-wide sepsis tool that required minimal education and rapidly moved the entire organization to sustained, top-decile performance for sepsis mortality, with an estimated 200 lives saved annually. He also partnered with the Humans Factors Engineering team to enhance ordersets and screen design, allowing clinicians to optimally navigate through patient care.

Health research keywords

Clinical Informatics, Human Factors Engineering, Quality, Safety, Provider Well-Being, Burnout, Prevention

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