Nonrecurring Request

  1. Facility Renovation for Water Research -- $4 million: Clemson University’s South Carolina Water Resources Center (SCWRC) is a multi-disciplinary, cross-college research organization focusing its efforts on watershed study and management; water policy; remote water sensing, image analysis and technological innovation; water resources and population growth; and emerging water problems. Through its work, the SCWRC provides state agencies with information they need to make unbiased, research-based decisions about South Carolina water resources policy. Last year, Clemson PSA requested $7 million in one-time state funding and was allocated $3 million. Clemson PSA is requesting $4 million in funding to complete renovation of a near-campus building where a team of water resources experts will conduct analytical water-related research and provide research-based natural resources management outreach, instruction and demonstration.

  2. T. Ed Garrison Arena Education/Conference Center -- $3.2 million: The T. Ed Garrison Arena, near the Clemson campus, hosts an array of high-profile livestock and equine events that draw approximately 100,000 visitors annually from throughout the Southeast and increase the national reputation of South Carolina’s cattle, equine and related agricultural industries. $1 million in state funds allocated in FY17 were used to make facility improvements that increased event adaptability and created new revenue streams. Last year, Clemson PSA requested $10 million in state funds and was allocated $6.8 million. An additional $3.2 million would complete the request and allow Clemson to build the conference center, add a covered arena and make improvements to the existing facility.

  3. Research and Education Center Graduate School Housing -- $4 million: Clemson PSA’s six Research and Education Centers (RECs) are home to teams of scientists performing transformative research that helps build the South Carolina agribusiness economy, conserve the state’s environment and natural resources, and improve the nutritional quality and safety of the food supply. In order to fulfill its research mission, Clemson PSA must add talented and accomplished graduate students, but housing for these graduate students is insufficient. The requested funding will allow Clemson PSA to add new housing for students and visiting scientists and renovate and expand existing housing that is currently available at each of the RECs across South Carolina.