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Budget Priorities

Critical PSA Infrastructure

Nonrecurring Request: $3,626,000

Clemson University PSA’s facilities include six Research and Education Centers throughout the state, Livestock-Poultry Health unit in Columbia, and Regulatory Services Laboratories in Pendleton.  This year Clemson PSA is seeking one-time funding to address specific maintenance and renovation needs at several critical facilities.  

The T. Ed Garrison Arena draws approximately 100,000 visitors annually from across the Southeast and increases the national reputation of South Carolina’s cattle, equine and related agriculture-based industries by hosting an array of high-profile events.  The requested funding will be used to replace the 30-year-old 106,000 sq. ft roof of the Main Arena that has reached its maximum life expectancy.  The installation of a new steel roof is a critical need if Clemson is going to maintain a safe environment for all exhibitors and guests. 

The Agricultural Service Laboratory (ASL) provides analytical testing services to farmers, homeowners, and many others across the state that are essential to the success of agriculture in South Carolina and provide information to help farmers and homeowners manage their land in a productive manner with regard to fertilizer application and land management. 

The Plant Pest Diagnostic Clinic (PPDC) provides diagnostic services and management recommendations for plant and turf problems.  The clinic also identifies insects infesting structures, humans, pets, and livestock and helps detect and document new plant diseases and pests.  The requested funding will address the need for equipment upgrades and infrastructure improvements needed to maintain the quality of the ASL and PPDC laboratories.  

Livestock-Poultry Health (LPH) is the state regulatory agency responsible for responding to domestic and transboundary animal disease events affecting South Carolina livestock and poultry. Emergency preparedness for disease events continues to be LPH’s priority.  The requested funding would allow Clemson University to construct a 15,800 sq ft storage and training building.  This would provide LPH rapid access to equipment during emergency events, and allow for training with the equipment and supplies at one location.

Funding Request Breakdown

Item Cost

Laboratory Equipment


Laboratory Building Renovations


Construction of 15,800 sq ft LPH facility estimate


Arena roof replacement




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