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Budget Priorities

Edisto Research and Education Center Research Infrastructure Upgrades and Expansion

Nonrecurring Request: $8,300,000

Scientists at the Edisto Research and Education Center (REC) located in Barnwell County have conducted research on agricultural production practices since 1937. Currently, the main research focus at Edisto REC is precision agriculture, where temporal and spatial data are used to drive agricultural management decisions in an effort to maximize resource utilization efficiency, profitability, and sustainability.

This request for one-time funds will be used to upgrade and expand the research facilities at Edisto REC. The biggest investment ($7M) will be toward construction of a new research laboratory building. The existing laboratories were originally built as temporary space 35 years ago and do not include space for equipment necessary for plant and soil analysis. With the addition of new faculty and modern equipment to support their research programs, the current lab facilities are inadequate.  

In addition to the laboratory building, an investment in graduate student housing is also needed. The ability to house graduate students and visiting scientists is an essential component of productive research programs. Existing housing is insufficient and inadequate. The requested funds will be used to build new facilities ($837K) as well as to renovate and expand existing housing ($.5M). The new housing facility will accommodate twelve graduate scholars or visiting scientists, while the renovated houses will accommodate another twelve.

Funding Request Breakdown 

Need Cost

New construction of Research Laboratory Building

$ 7,000,000

New Construction of Graduate Student Housing


Upgrades to Existing Graduate Student Housing




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