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Budget Priorities

Laboratory Services Support

Recurring Request: $1,550,000

The Clemson University PSA Agricultural Service Laboratory conducts analytical tests to provide landowners information necessary to make management decisions that maximize agricultural production; comply with environmental regulations; help homeowners grow their own vegetables and ornamentals; and maintain recreational fields, golf courses and lawns. 

The Clemson University Plant Pest Diagnostic Clinic (PPDC) provides diagnostic services and management recommendations for plant and turf problems including diseases, nematodes, weeds, environmental issues, nutritional deficiencies and insect pests and helps detect and document plant diseases and pests in the state. 

Clemson University Livestock -Poultry Health (LPH) ensures the health of South Carolina’s livestock industry and the safety of the food supply through facilities inspections, diagnostic work, and other regulatory functions. Disease protection, detection and mitigation are among the most important functions of this unit, as well as meat inspection at many of the state’s processing plants. Clemson LPH diagnostic laboratories maintain strict certification standards and require highly skilled personnel and modern laboratory facilities. 

Together these laboratories are essential to the health and well-being of South Carolina citizens, the continued prosperity of the state’s agricultural, horticultural and recreation industries and the safety of the food supply.

The requested funds address the increased demand for services and expertise due to the state’s population and industrial growth and will allow Clemson PSA to maintain an excellent level of service.

Funding Request Breakdown

Item Salary Fringe (at 41.7%) Total

Research Chemist




Lab Assistant




Plant/Weed Taxonomist








Lab Technician




Microbiologist II








Instrument Maintenance


Lab Combustibles


IT Programming Upgrades


Laboratory Supplies


Operational Support






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